Please Note: The Page You Are About To Go To Requires A Plugin To View The Game And, It Seems, That Firefox Will Not Work. It Is An Old Plug-In, And The Plug-In Maker Has Not Updated His Site Since 2005, But It Still Works, If You Are Using IE. The Download Is Small And Then You Can View The Game In 3d.
I am linking the plug-ins directly to my site. It will work as I have everything needed on my site. The one bad thing about it is FireFox does not work. You will need IE, AOL, and /or Netscape if you have a copy?
You can download them directly, here!
  1. IE Plug-In: IE
  2. Netscape Plug-In: NS
  3. AOL Plug-In: AOL
There Are "Two Worlds" In The First Game And There Is A Portal To The Second "World" Located Within The First "World". You Can Transport Between These Worlds At Only One Place In Each World. Also, There Are Other Places That Will Transport You Between Areas Inside Of Each "World". Each "World" Looks Quite Different So You Will At Least Know Which World You Are In Etc.. Remember That This Is Just A Fun Game And You Can Always Go Back To The Beginning (Entrance) Of Each World By Clicking On The Recent Spots Tag At The Bottom Of Your Window. Happy Trails And May The Force Be With You And May You Live Long And Prosper.
Again, You Will Find A Link To The Download Page If You Do Not Have The Plugin, But You Can Click On The Image Below To Download Right From This Page. I Found This Plugin To View 3D Worlds A Lot Of Fun So I Made A Couple Of Whytehouses For You To Find A/Some Pop-Up Cross(es) In Each One. I Will Continue To Improve On It And Would Welcome Any Suggestions As To How To Improve It Or What You Would Like To See. So Enough Already--On With The Show, But You Have To Have Your Cookies Turned On For The Counter To Work !

The Portal For The First Two Games Is Here!. This Game Is Hard, There Is Just One "World" And Five Crosses To Find. I Get Lost In It And I Designed It So Try The First Two, Then Go To This PORTAL!

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