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 Christians ask what is truth?

What is truth? The age-old question, huh? The guy we quote (whether we know it or not) was looking right into the eyes of truth itself and had to admit that he had no idea whatever as to what it was! How is it that we think we do?

Now, if I view "Truth" as being the collection of things that are true, then I have established the criterion by which I regard who knows it ... and who doesn't. More than that, I have provided my own path to "expert" status. The more info I can pack into my head, by whatever means, is my ticket to claim that I "know the truth". I can even create a "member's only" club where I set the rules for the bestowal of worthiness using some sort of "degree" program for those who have paid their dues. Sounds like a novel idea, huh? Hey, do you wanna join MY group? Too bad, I don't have one ... but if you'll wait till after I'm dead you can start one in my name (assuming you outlive me)!

"What is truth?" John 18:38 ... the infamous unanswered question of the ages. His name was Pilate (his friends called him Pi ... he and his brother "R" invented the square ... trust me on this one! ;-) ... hey, it's a better than "Piles", his childhood nickname ... children can be so cruel!) He was an educated man, mind you ... he was a governor. And yet all of his learning gave him no insight on the concept of "truth". My friends, you can know all kinds of "truths" and not know "truth" if it were staring you in the the face! Just ask Pi!

Didn't Jesus say, "and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" (John 8:32)? Once again, what is this truth? If it is "Biblical" truth, then whose version? Hey, I've heard this verse quoted by those who have nothing to do with the Bible, and their interpretation sounds just about the same as that of most Christians who quote it ... they just use different wording! Uh ... hello?! Jesus didn't give a "fill-in-the-blank" kinda principle when he said this. He was not telling these people to learn some "truths" so that they could acheive a measure of freedom. He had openly criticized the Bible scholars of the day for having missed the "truth" when it stood right in front of them (John 5:31-47). All their searching and studying and memorizing and quoting of their "scriptural truths" gave them no clue to the nature of "truth".

Hey, I'm all for Bible study. I love reading it and I am convinced it is of God! I have a few different versions and I write and make notes in each one ... egad! I WRITE in my Bible! My point is this: I can study 24 hours a day, learn many Biblical truths, and still not know the truth. It is like a map-lover who has never visited the lands he studies ... he may know ABOUT them, but he doesn't really KNOW them.

I also believe that we are entitled to our opinions. My problem with most of them is that we have gotten so used to recycled BS we actually begin to enjoy the smell! :) Somehow, you and I speculate that we have some kind of unique outlook on life (believe me, I know what I'm talking about) that must be addressed before we can accept the "truth". We take ourselves too darn seriously!! But the news of God is simple: when He opens your eyes, He just opens your eyes ... and you ALREADY know this if He has set you free. As I look back on the major revelations in my own life it has become very clear that God did not wait for my objections to be resolved! Instead, it almost appears as if He made sure that His revelation would come in spite of my protests. Hey, try to remember some of your own issues that kinda just fell away in the face of seeing the "truth" ... you have your own story, you know.

What is truth? Nicodemus saw it even though he was a member of the religious, elitist group of the most self-righteous men in history. Peter, James and John saw it even though they really had other plans. The man in John 9 saw it even though he had been born blind. And Paul saw it even though he was in the act of trying to destroy it.

Truth is not something that can be written down on a piece of paper, nor can it be studied as for a test. Truth is NOT the collection of all things that are true though they all stem from the truth. Truth is NOT a viewpoint that can be argued as to perspective. Truth is a person ... and His name is Jesus!!

My name is Jim (aka The.Shovel) and I would love to hear from you and will gladly answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to E-MAIL me.

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