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I don't Know

I n my opinion everything that is not total faith and trust in God is sin. If this is true then we are all condemned! I mean who could possibly trust something or someone you can't touch, see, or hear? We are all doomed.

But what about that crazy man that said He was God? What about Him? His cousin John was out in the country telling people to change the way they looked at things and to be baptized. He said God was getting ready to do new things. That someone was coming so great that he, John the baptizer wasn't worthy to loosen His sandals.

How did John know what God was fixing to do? Who told him?

One day this baptizer guy saw his cousin. Funny thing about his cousin, He was born under very suspicious circumstances. Weird things surround His whole family. Descendants of a kings they say. King David was his name. Even he was surrounded by weird stuff. Anyway back to the man in the wilderness, when he saw his cousin he said "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." This baptizer said God told him how to recognize the Messiah, the one who would set things right between God and man. Wait a minute! This baptizer said God told him! What does this mean? Is it possible that God does talk? Do we have to hang out in the woods eating locusts to hear from God?

So What about this baptizers cousin who said He was God? They say He wasn't much to look at. You would think God would be very handsome. He did do a lot of great things. He talked to people - most people won't look at. They say He can heal any ailment with one touch. What does this crazy God-man have to do with my sin predicament? They say He became my sin so I can be His righteousness. What does righteousness look like? He was a strange man this Jesus. He hung out with the scum, whores, and drunks. What does that have to do with righteousness. I mean no disrespect by calling people scum. You see according to the flesh I fit that category. But we are not called according to the flesh anymore but according to the spirit. What was it that this God-man had that impacted the lives of ordinary people so much. Could this Jesus impact my life today?

Too late I suppose. He was put to death a long time ago. I wonder what he did to deserve that? And what does that have to do with my sin problem? How do I trust this God who I still don't see or hear? Some say this Jew the one they call Yeshua, some say he didn't stay dead. Some say He's so tough that He beat death and went back to hang with God in heaven, Wherever that is. They say He sent someone to be with us and guide all His people. A comforter, a helper, a guide. Funny thing about this guide. He's invisible like God! So how are we supposed to follow an invisible guide? They say one day this Jesus is coming back and when he does we will be like Him and we won't have all these questions. But still, What does all this have to do with my sin?

I understand the concept that Jesus became my sin so I can be His righteousness. And if John the baptizer said the Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world. And if Jesus Himself said on the cross "It is finished". If Paul said "Reckon yourselves dead to sin and alive to God". If in the beginning was the Word and all things came into being thru the Word and the Word became flesh to become sin and put sin to death once and for all. If all these things are true then WHY DO I STILL STRUGGLE WITH THE SIN OF UNBELIEF?

I guess I need more than a concept! I guess I'll wait for this invisible helper to guide me into the reality of this truth. They say truth will set me free.

Jesus You are the truth.

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