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I noticed a painting this morning, during my quiet time with the Lord. It showed some geese flying over a marsh. This marsh probably represented to them, a kind of home and safe dwelling. Or maybe just a rest stop in that particular phase of their journey.

One bird in particular, seemed to be paired off with another, who was flying about the same perspective distance as he. Possibly it's mate. Usually you don't find them traveling alone to often.

In the painting, the one, was in flight with his wings back, almost as if he was taking a long hard breath, during his pattern of flight. God probably instilled in him, the wisdom, to know how and when to use the wind currents to his advantage. It was something that came quite natural to him.

Birds live by instinct and not by fear, and God is the energizer battery that keeps their time clocks going.

They are not intimidated by weather or obsticles. They simply work around them. They use whatever is available to keep warm, protected and safe. They go to sleep at night with nothing else in mind, other than getting some rest.( And resting in the arms of the Lord.)

When the sun comes up in the morning, with renewed strength, they are ready and able to begin a new day, cheerfully. They know that each and every new day belongs to God, and He has them numbered. He knows the count of every new feather, and the exact shade and color. He even knows their voice,, because of course they know His.

The second bird in the picture, is gently coasting in mid air. She looks like she is relaxing, trusting, and enjoying being there. Her muscles are not harshly flexed. Her neck is not arched. She is resting in the space that God has given her.

When she finally drifts down to the cool water below, she will feel refreshed, content, and peaceful.

If only we could trust the Lord like this. To lean back into His arms, with no reservations. So as to allow him to refresh, comfort and protect us from the world so harsh.

To lean back and trust Him so much that we would thoroughly enjoy every new day that He has given us on this earth. Instead of being so distracted with our own problems and needs that we are no earthly good to anyone else.

In the Garden of Eden, it was peaceful. I imagine that it was like the "Peace" that passes all understanding. Only the kind that the Lord gives out. Everything was pure and in order. They had all their needs met. They had purpose in life and someone to share it with. Someone to do it for! They merely had to tend the garden, not work harshly at it.

They should have felt satisfied with the consistency of their daily duties and totally content in life. God even came to visit them every morning, to start off their day right. What could possibly be missing?

God has an enemy, and that makes him "our" enemy also. That enemy is determined to rob, steal and destroy anything in our lives that has any value.In his constant attack on us, he think he is hurting God also, because he knows that God cares deeply for us.

But God has a plan and a strategy. He leads us through a process of knowing we have an enemy, and who he is. Who we are in Christ Jesus, and how to fight this enemy. If that doesn't work He uses our mistakes for good and brings us restoration and reconciliation.

He covers us from all sides. Like a treasured quilt. The War has already been won! We just need to trustfully "coast" through the battles and learn by them.

I thank You Lord, for providing all these resources, for us. Let us take time to read the manufacturers handbook, (the Bible) to understand exactly what You have provided.

I glance at the painting one more time, and I notice that there are other birds watching from a distance. We "too" have an audience watching to see what we will say or do next. Help us, ,,,, to make You proud of us Lord. And teach us to Trust.

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