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I get a lot of email asking how to make music play, and play as soon as the page loads, so here it is: should you wish to add midi music to your site, this is the HTML code. Just replace the YOUR.MID with whatever midi file you wish to use, but remeber to place the midi file in the same directory (folder) as this code (HTML Page). The width and the height are up to you, but nowadays I make mine 144 and 55 for cresendo players. This code is designed to work with Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer and other modern browsers, and repeats the music non-stop. Delete, amend the loop, and / or change autostart = false commands if you don't want continuous play or to not start automatically.
<embed src="YOUR.MID" autostart="true" width=144 height=55 loop="true">

Now about the Yellow Cross in the address window if you book marked this site and are NOT using Netscape, the simplest way to do it, provided you do not want to use more than one is simply put an icon in your root (main) directory web folder, and rename it favicon.ico and it will be automatically up loaded when the main site page is bookmarked. Now if you want to be sure and/or you have subfolders like I do you can put a tag in the head section of a web page in the source code to reference it and then you can name it what you want but make sure it is a real icon and you have the correct name and path in the tag like this: <LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="http://whytehouse.com/favicon6.ico"> or <LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="http://whytehouse.com/big_book_search/favicon2.ico"> and be sure to put it in the head section. I have several web sites on this domain (WhyteHouse.com) like www.whytehouse.com and www.whytehouse.com/big_book_search/ and www.whytehouse.com/national-parks/ and these sites will all give you a different icon in the address bar IF you bookmark them, AND leave and then come back later etc.

Also, the trick (it's a trick because this tag is used in a way not originally intended) to 'push' everything to the right is to use the <UL> tag right after the <BODY> tag. I used four of them in a row on my pages with left borders. You can also use tables to 'hold' everything in it's place.
And the tag to make the pages do a random transition (this does not work with all browsers!) is:
<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="revealTrans(Duration=5.0,Transition=23)">

Before I put the links to the HTML sites (and they are very good) I want to talk to you about making your web pages too long or too big (file size). Add up all the graphics and then be sure to add the text up in your web page and then you can CLICK HERE to get an idea about how long it takes the page to load. Most people do not have DSL or CABLE but still rely on a modem to surf the web. I do. I am just in one of those places between two cites that are going to get upgraded but to date nothing. (I have been hearing this for over two years). The point is though, to try and have you think about how long it takes a page to load, so click on the link and take a few moments to look at the page. :o)


Now if you know absolutely nothing about HTML then go here. There is a very good 'starter' tutorial plus all aspects of web site development. You will find it just goes on and on :o).
Completely Free Software editor, Graham Pockett, has posted a page on WebAuthor's Tips which gives good common sense and practical advice on setting up a web site, plus a lot of great tips to ensure that your web pages actually get read (which, we would assume, is the purpose of posting them!). This is one page which both novice and experienced web authors can pick up a tip from and we suggest that you make it an essential visit.
I just found another VERY good Web Site for Web Masters or Wanna-Be-Web Masters at WDVL.

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