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Welcome to our JavaScript Library. Here you can choose from several pre-written JavaScripts for you to use on your own page. Examples have been used where possible.

When you link to any of the source code pages all you have to do to get back here is close out the window as I have those pages opening in a new browser window.

  1. Custom Pop-up Window Maker
  2. This will allow you to make your own custom pop-up windows with a JavaScript Editor On-Line! Click Here.

  3. Image Switch
  4. A script that displays a specific image depending whether the mouse cursor is over over the image, not over it, or clicked on. You will only noticed the switch on the mouse click if it links to another frame or window. Netscape 3+ or IE 4+. You can get the code here.
  5. Screen Resolution using JavaScript 1.2:
  6. A script that determines what resolution the user's screen is at. A great tool if you want to base a page based on specific resolutions, eg. 800x600, 1024x768. This uses JavaScript 1.2, so those old 3.x browsers can't use this. Netscape 4+ or IE4+ is required. You can get the code here.
  7. Random Banner:
  8. A script that randomly chooses a graphic to be displayed. This is generally used for advertisements for people who can't use CGI. You can get the code here.

    One of eight images:
  9. Pull Down Links:
  10. This creates a pull down menu where you can keep an unlimited number of links in a very small space! You can get the code here.

  11. Document last updated:
    This JavaScript (on an HTML page) will automatically tell you the viewer when the page was last updated! Below is the one I use for SHTML but it is similar to the code for HTML pages. Anyway, you can get the code for HTML here.
    A simpler script is located here.

    This document was last modifed on 11/03/14 At 05:44:24PM GMT,

  12. Custom link message in status bar:
  13. When a user puts the mouse cursor over a link, a custom message will appear in the status bar at the bottom of the browser. Look at the status bar when your cursor is over the link for an example. You can get the code here.
  14. Scrolling message in status bar:
  15. You can display scrolling messages in the status bar. Good to use if your page is already too full. An alternate is the Scrolling Banner. You can get the code here.
  16. Scrolling Banner
A Scrolling banner message on your page! An alternative to the scrolling status bar message. You can get the code here.

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