All of these images were made by me, Christopher J. Whyte and you are free to use them however you like, but they are copyrighted © by me and are not for sale or resale. I just ask you to be fair to me, so if you use any of the graphics here, you can put a link back to this site. This will help both me and the person looking for some free graphics :o).
Please DO NOT link to these images directly, PLEASE download them and place them on your own server.

Bar Loops Once Bar Loops Continually
Bar Loops 5 Times Bat Out Of MeatLoaf?
Fire Works Once Fire Works Continually Loops
Fire Works Loops 5 Times Fire Works Once
Fire Works Loops Continually Fire Works Loops 5 Times
All of the animations loop differently. Some just loop once or twice, while others loop continuously, and others loop about five times. If you refresh the page make sure you have the option to reload the page on EVERY visit or you may not see the images correctly! You can download any of them by right clicking on the image and select 'save picture as' or 'save image as', etc.

Icons | Animation 2

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