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Please Note: You should have cookies enabled in your browser for you to use the HTML Forum.

Are Cookies Evil? Check Here (We Think Not!)

At any rate, you are here and so I will explain the features of the forum to you, cookies should be turned on, and I really do not steal your credit card, or your address, etc. from you :o). However, if you are still paranoid, then keep them turned off, by all means. Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they are not following you <Monkey Grin>

It is very simple actually, the messages at the top of the page with the larger envelope are messages that have been posted by anyone, and anyone may view and/or respond to any post by clicking on that message title. You can respond to a response and you will know this because each message that is a response will be shifted to the right a little. IF you have a question on HTML design or anything to do with web pages then you may post the question here and hopefully you will get an answer to your problem soon. I, the President of the WhyteHouse, will receive notice of any message posted and I will try to answer your question, as long as it applies to web site design. You will be notified by email (so it is important to use your correct email here) when someone replies to your posted message. This feature has nothing to do with displaying your email along with your name as the author of a given message. You can elect to have your email displayed for anyone to reply to you by clicking on the email link or you can elect to not have your email posted with your message. You will STILL receive a notification of any direct responses to your messages whether you have your email displayed or not!

So Please Use Your Correct Email, And Do Not Display It, If You Are Concerned About That!

(Please note: I do receive an email notice to replies, and main message posts.)

No One has your email and it will not be given out or sold to anybody-period. I get spam every day and I HATE spam. It is just a waste of time and resources to get that stuff. You can check the WhyteHouse Privacy Statement Here.

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