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Are Cookies Evil?

  1. Cookies cannot be eaten
  2. Cookies cannot pass viruses
  3. Cookies cannot steal credit card numbers
  4. Cookies cannot capture your e-mail address
  5. Cookies cannot access information on your hard drive
  6. Cookies are not programs and cannot execute as code
  7. Cookies cannot capture personal information (unless volunteered)
Contrary to most people's understanding, cookies are not evil! They are used by millions of web surfers every day and are not a threat to your computer's security. The information embedded within a cookie is very limited and are, in fact, governed by a series of restrictions. These restrictions are in place to prevent the misuse or abuse by any WebMasters or Web Application Developers.
It is understandable if you are concerned, I was at first, at least till I got the facts about these things called cookies. And regardless as to what some would have you believe (to sell certain software), the web is not surfing you at all.

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